#Strike Vote!!!

Hospital management gave us an ultimatum to accept or reject their “best” offer. The offer does not address our priorities, and we are rejecting it. Management has also continued to violate the law and commit unfair labor practices.  We believe it is time to take a stand for PPE, wage equity, safe patient limits and decent healthcare. A super-majority of nurses have said they want to strike. That’s why the negotiation committee has decided to call for a strike vote!

Epic Update


We were able to negotiate with the hospital to avoid a 10 week blackout on summer vacations d/t epic training and go live. Here are the details:

John Brady's Blog

President John Brady, RN in the Emergency Department has his own blog. Check out what he has to say about forming a union, nursing and life. A must read!


Click here to read John's blog.

Our Rights At Work

 REMEMBER! According to Federal Law our employer cannot:
  • Interfere or restrain anyone from engaging in union activities.
  • Threaten or coerce employees in order to discourage support for the union.
  • Ask you about your union activities or how you intend to vote. 
  • Fire, transfer or demote employees for union activity.
  • Bribe employees to vote against the union.

Any violations of this law needs to be reported to the Organizing Committee or the organizers.