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#Strike Vote!!!

Hospital management gave us an ultimatum to accept or reject their “best” offer. The offer does not address our priorities, and we are rejecting it. Management has also continued to violate the law and commit unfair labor practices.  We believe it is time to take a stand for PPE, wage equity, safe patient limits and decent healthcare. A super-majority of nurses have said they want to strike. That’s why the negotiation committee has decided to call for a strike vote!
Who: YOU! All full union members are eligible to vote. You must vote in person. One member, one vote. Come out and make your voice heard!
What: A vote to give the negotiation committee the authority to call a two-day unfair labor practice strike. This means the negotiation team can call a strike if and when the time is right. We will continue to negotiate with management, and hope that management will start doing the right thing to avoid a strike.
Where: The parking lot of our union office. The address is 24 Sachem Street, Norwich (less than a mile from the hospital).
When: Sunday, September 13th from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
Why: Management continues to violate the law, negotiate in bad faith, and undermine the negotiation process. We deserve better than “A or B”.
What to expect over the next few days? A lot is at stake here. Management does not want us to use our strongest power – unite together and withhold our labor. Management seeks to divide us. We have all seen them rounding the floors and pulling nurses aside in an effort to cause confusion and fear. We can expect these illegal tactics to escalate. If your manager approaches you about this, please contact one of your coworkers on the negotiation team. And remember, your manager will not know how you vote.
We have been working for a fair contract. This is where we must decide if we are going to settle or fight for what we deserve. This is our moment to take a stand.

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