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Epic Update


We were able to negotiate with the hospital to avoid a 10 week blackout on summer vacations d/t epic training and go live. Here are the details:

1- training for RNs will take 20-28 hours depending on the department. Highly specialized areas may need more time. ...
2-Training will be in 4 hours blocks and include days, evenings, nights and Saturday times.
3-Training is expected to begin at the end of June, beginning of July.
4- the "playground" will remain open and available throughout the training process and for a time, after the go live date.
5-there will be a blackout from 10/1 through 10/15. During this time, no vacations will be approved. Epic will have support personnel in house to assist with the transition and staffing will be higher than usual to accommodate slower charting as we become accustomed to the new system.
6- classes will be job specific and include modules that are taken in order. Some class offerings may be offsite.
7- FMLA. The hospital will work with individuals affected by FMLA on a case by case basis to support their learning needs.
8-Vacations will be approved per contract guidelines except for the go live blackout (see#5).
9-All staff will take training outside of budgeted hours and are paid Education time (no OT) for it.
10-Exceptions to vacation blackout will be single day approvals subject to operational needs.

Epic is now a standing agenda item at monthly labor/management meetings.

Update on arbitration regarding holiday schedules:
We have been assigned an arbitrator and are now trying to coordinate a date with the hospitals attorney for the hearing. Will update when a date has been determined.


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